• • 3 x daily feeding with very good hay and premium feed
  • • 2 x daily stall cleaning and trough cleaning as needed
  • • 1 x daily paddock maintenance
  • • Pasture cleaning several times a week
  • • Hall and corral maintenance as needed
  • • Bringing the horses in and out
  • • Blanketing and unblanketing as agreed
  • • Training and advanced training for horse and rider
  • • Horse physiotherapy and rehabilitation
Standard features:

3 x daily hay and concentrated feed as needed. We attach special importance to the quality of the feed. The oats have a hectolitre weight of between 54 and 57 g and are always freshly crushed and dusted. Special attention is also always paid to the good quality of the hay and straw. Each horse is individually fed according to its needs and is given only feed mixes from German premium manufacturers that have guaranteed the absence of GMOs in writing.

Stable hygiene:
The stalls are thoroughly cleaned each morning; dirty and wet straw is removed and then replaced. All stalls are cleaned of manure once again in the afternoon. All watering places and troughs are regularly cleaned and the stalls dusted.

The horses can spend either a half or a whole day at pasture or in the sand exercise areas. Upon request, the horses are brought back inside at midday, fed and then, depending upon the weather, brought outside again. We will provide hoof protection and blanketing and unblanketing upon request of the owner.

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