Xenophon said... That which is forced and not understood is never beautiful, and it would be as if one tried to force a dancer to spring about using a whip and thorns – rider and horse thereby both appear more ugly than beautiful.

"The worst enemy of horses is man, with his endlessly arrogant ignorance, which he considers to be a love of animals: if this were true, he would long ago have made tracks, read, studied, rode, doubted himself and his riding, would have gone from teacher to teacher, until the day on which a horse playfully showed easy brilliance under his saddle "of its own accord" without any intentional interference..." (Francois Robichon de la Gueriniere)

Because we enjoy being with horses and would like to think that the horses enjoy being with us, we "make tracks"… and regularly organise courses with first class specialists – always with a real dosage of pleasure and equanimity for both the two-legged and four-legged participants. From horse health, hoof and saddle knowledge to dressage courses with renowned Grand Prix trainers such as Iris Herkenroth, or natural horsemanship trainers such as Alfonso Aguilar.

Freelance riders can be called upon for daily riding as agreed.
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